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As a classically trained musician and recording industry professional, selecting a piano teacher for my children was a serious matter that I researched carefully. Northern Virginia is a land full of "tuition mills" that can drain both the enthusiasm of students and the pocket books of parents.  My objective was to find a fun, positive and dedicated instructor to introduce my child to the study of music, and  Joe Angelicchio has fit that description perfectly.  The progress my children have made under his direction has been simply outstanding.  -Carlos


I wanted to say how impressed I was with your students' performances - they were poised, proud, and played really well.  You have a good thing going. -Jim

"Izzi typically comes home from school, has a snack and then goes (on her own volition) into our private downstairs area and practices.  We had to push her to practice routinely with her previous piano teacher.  We have been very proud of her in this regard.  So kuddos to you!!" -Nina

Good morning,

Thank you for the details in regards to the Saturday event.  Thank you also for inviting Yuhei to this opportunity.  We are all looking forward to it.  What a special opportunity!

As for his next lesson (sorry, it's already Wednesday!), could you tell me if you are available Friday evening (27th) or Sunday morning (29th)?  Or maybe skip this week (since he can still see you Saturday--he will be inspired just by seeing you!) and see you in April?  That might work too.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.  

Have a wonderful day!
Ai Hattori

You are such an inspirational teacher and has made so much impact on Yuhei.  I am so happy we have met you.  Thank you again for thinking of us.  That was so thoughtful of you.

"Joe is great with children. He does an excellent job of mixing up what they learn to help the child fully absorb the fundamentals of playing. He is great with scheduling and is very consistent in his approach to teaching. Excellent teacher for my son."  -Heather Osborne

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