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I started teaching full time to make a change.  I want to make a change not only in our community but in America.  The way to do this is to start with the kids.  Teaching piano is a great vehicle to teach kids that piano is not only fun - I have a sense of humor that totally comes out when I teach keeping things quite lively - but also a great way to learn about hard work, dealing with adversity, problem solving, how to communicate not only musically but verbally, to have listening skills with directions I give as well as the piano and how to think for themselves.


I want to make a change.  Piano is a great way to do this.



I started learning piano a short 16 years ago.  It came to me on the very day of my 18th birthday.  My friend played Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata and I was hooked!  
At the start of my addiction I started work and finished the first two preludes by Bach from his Well-Tempered Clavier on my own then quickly moved on to complete Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata (1st mvmt).  Immediately following the completion of the sonata I jumped right into Debussy's Reverie and Rachmaninoff's Prelude in C# minor (advanced pieces).  The Debussy and Rachmaninoff pieces turned out to be my first recital.  Even in the short time I was playing and no musical background I was able to demonstrate a great musical foundation, playing at proper tempo, bringing out the melody, phrasing, proper rhythm and dynamics.  This was just under 1 year from the start of formal lessons for me.  I continued my studies with many teachers ranging from Juilliard grads to our talented local teachers here in Northern Virginia working on music from Bach, Mozart, Debussy, Rachmaninoff and my personal favorite Scriabin.
Would you like to hear me play?  You are going to have to stop by.  I would love to play for you on my Steinway :-D

I bring to the piano a multitude of experiences from 20 years of teaching kids & adults professionally in computers, volunteer organizations and in martial arts.  I even spent some time in serving in the Marine Corps.  Out of all the professions I've dealt with teaching is by far the most rewarding.  There is no question at the end of the day as to whether I'm making a difference.

20+ Years Teaching Experience

Music Teachers National Association (MTNA)

Virginia Music Teachers Association (VMTA)

Northern Virginia Music Teachers Association (NVMTA)

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