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Private Piano Lessons


Teaching private piano lessons through classical piano music to kids and adults starting as young as 6 years old in my home studio.  


Scheduled lessons are once a week.  


Students choose from 30, 45 or 60 minute lessons.  


Two recitals are held each year as well as two performance/group classes.  


There are also plenty of other performance and scholarship opportunities through Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) and The Steinway Gallery DC.

Kids Piano Lessons


Are you interested in getting your young one involved in piano lessons?


Kids are taught the basic fundamentals to piano music with intent for them to be able to learn music on their own, as kids and adults. Theory, technique, sight reading and performance are all aspects that are covered while taking lessons.


Interested in learning more?  Contact me

Adult Piano Lessons


Adults are a true pleasure to teach!  They bring so many different experiences to the piano.  


With adults I think of myself as their coach, mentor or guide instead of the disciplinarian while on their new endeavor to learn piano music.


I teach building on positives with an immense amount of patience.


Interested in learning more?  Contact me 

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