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Piano Lessons for Kids


Private piano lessons for kids are year-round lessons.  Lessons are once a week choosing from 30, 45 or 60 minutes.  


Included as part of the private lessons are two performance classes and two recitals during the school year.  This gives them chance to perform in two types of environments: one formal and the other informal.   This also gives them an opportunity to learn about classical composers, human values & traits (ie commitment, initiative, integrity, adversity, etc), and reinforce musical theory through games & exercises with other piano students.  I even bring in special guests.

Beginner students are primarily taught through Alfred's Premier Piano course.  Here they learn pieces rapidly with the intent of introducing new musical concepts, reinforcing proper rhythmic practice, notation and sight reading concepts.  By the time they finish their first book, students as young as 6 years old are capable of learning basic musical pieces by themselves, with little to no supervision, demonstrating proper fingering, rhythm, accurate playing of notes, dynamics and even an understand of how important it is to not stop or go back to correct mistakes while performing!


By time they complete their first Alfred's Premier Piano Course book they are introduced to their first performance piece.  A performance piece is a piece of music that is at a higher level than they are currently at.  It is considered a long term project that may take 2-6 months to complete unlike the Alfred's musical pieces where I have some students working on as many as 5 pieces in under a week and are capable of playing them with basic musical proficiency on their own.


Meanwhile they are introduced to proper technique at the piano through scales, chords, arpeggios and Hanon.  A relaxed hand is a fast, controlled and injury free one that can last a lifetime.


My main goal is for them to be able to play independently into adulthood regardless of the material they choose to play.



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