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Piano Lessons for Adults


Adults are a pleasure to teach.  Whether you have experience in music or not I can help you achieve your goal.  Maybe better than many others because I learned piano as an adult.  I understand what it is like to learn as an adult.


In a short time I was playing advanced classical music proficiently.  I understand what it is like to learn as an adult.  My experiences can help you through your journey whether experienced or new.  


I teach through positive criticism.  Pointing out what a student is doing correct helps reinforce proper or right things that are being done on the piano.  This often leads to fixing what was wrong in the first place.  It's a different approach to "That was wrong!" which so many of us have experienced.


I have been complimented by so many students in the past 20 years about how patient I am when teaching.  I know for many adults this is very important.


When we meet for the first time we will discuss what your expectations for piano are.  That way you know what to expect when you decide to start with me.



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